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China Orient Convenes ‘ Embrace the Party, Uphold League Flag’ Symposium between Leadership of Party Committee and Young Staff

On the afternoon of May 7th, the Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) Committee of China Orient convened a face-to-face symposium themed by ‘Embrace the Party, Uphold the League flag’ between the leaders of the Party Committee and young staff via video conference. Comrade Wu Yue, Secretary of CPC China Orient Committee and Chairman, Comrade Zhang Xiangdong, Assistant President, and the principals of the Party departments, conducted an online symposium themed by ‘blooming youth charm through anti-pandemic efforts, cultivate firm confidence on institutions’ with the company's anti-pandemic youths.

Secretary Wu Yue, on behalf of Party Committee of China Orient, extended a festive greeting to League members and cadres in system-wide China Orient, fully affirmed the active and vital role of the young League members in the prevention and control of the pandemic and the development of China Orient, and sincerely placed their hopes on the youths’ achievements in the new era. Secretary Wu Yue said that young staff, as the inheritors and practitioners of the spirits of May 4th Movement, are expected to work hard to write the chapter of youth; to become the mainstream for the company forging ahead; to maintain youth vigor forever via learning and serve as a living force for the company’s long-term development; and to hold youth qualities through self-discipline and become a moral model for the company's everlasting foundation. Assistant president Zhang Xiangdong informed the commendations young League members of the company's system gained based on appraisal and election of the CCYL at all levels across the state. Ten youth representatives from system-wide China Orient vividly told their anti-pandemic stories during the pandemic, fully demonstrating the youth charm during the youths’ anti-pandemic work in China Orient, and truly expressing the youths’ firm confidence on institutions in China Orient, and their true sentiments of working hard to make contributions to realization of China Orient’s dreams.

More than 200 young staff from various departments and business divisions directly under China Orient’s headquarters, its branches, Yunnan operating division, and holding companies attended this symposium by the video conference system.