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China Orient holds Targeted Poverty Alleviation Work Meeting to study and assign poverty alleviation work in decisive stage

On March 31, China Orient held leading group work conference for the 2020 targeted poverty alleviation work where they had in-depth study of the spirit in General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at symposium themed by firm efforts to fight and win in poverty alleviation, and the latest requirements of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on winning the fight against poverty; summarized the targeted poverty alleviation work of 2019 in the company; analyzed the new situation and new requirements facing the targeted poverty alleviation work; and studied and deployed the key work of 2020. Comrade Wu Yue, Secretary of the CPC China Orient Committee, Chairman, and Head of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Work Leading Group, attended the conference and delivered a speech, and Comrade Xiong Qiugu, a member of the Party Committee, Vice President, and Deputy Head of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Work Leading Group, set specific requirements for the targeted poverty alleviation work in 2020. The head of the office of the leading group for targeted poverty alleviation work explained the key work and task decomposition of targeted poverty alleviation of 2020, and the company's poverty alleviation cadres stationed in Shaoyang county reported on the assistance work. In addition, main responsible comrades from China Orient’s subsidiaries-China Insurance, Bank of Dalian, and Dongxing Securities made statements on poverty alleviation work.

Secretary Wu Yue pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the symposium on fight against poverty has injected great confidence and strength into the firm efforts to fight and win in the poverty alleviation, indicating endeavor directions and setting fundamental principles for comprehensively winning the battle against poverty and completing the building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. We must deeply understand the decisive achievements in fight against poverty, set sail after keeping in mind the mission; deeply grasp the difficulties and challenges in winning the fight against the poverty, and hold up through the critical moments; gain an in-depth comprehension of high-quality completion of the targets and tasks of fighting against poverty, and make greater firm efforts to win in poverty alleviation; have a profound comprehension of the fundamental requirements for strengthening the Party's leadership in winning the fight against poverty, and perform our duties and dare to bear.

Secretary Wu Yue emphasized that the company should earnestly implement the requirements of ‘take due responsibility, adhere to policy, help alleviate poverty, and strengthen supervision work’, and continue to help Shaoyang county consolidate the achievements in poverty alleviation and implement the strategy of rural revitalization. The work in six aspects should be focused and done well in 2020: First, actively take effective measures to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on poverty alleviation; Second, pursue a high-quality completion of poverty alleviation targets and tasks and continue the efforts to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation; Third, comprehensively compare the benchmark and rectify the words and deeds, and resolutely complete the tasks of targeted poverty alleviation specified in letter of responsibility; Fourth, Strengthen work innovation and create a long-term mechanism for targeted poverty alleviation; Fifth, care for cadres working on poverty alleviation and provide support and guarantee for the relief and safety of cadres working on poverty alleviation; Sixth, strengthen the summary and publicity to create a sound atmosphere for fight against poverty.

The conference attendees included main principals of China Orient Headquarters’ Office, Department of Comprehensive Plan & Strategic Collaboration, Finance & Accounting Department, HR Department, Publicity Department, Trade Union Office, and System Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) Committee, as well as the principals of Hunan Branch, main principals of holding companies, and the company’s cadres stationed in Shaoyang county for poverty alleviation.